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The focus at Criesse is on providing real solutions; high-profile, response-effective and cost-efficient PR campaigns for companies and individuals wanting to achieve a position of strength in their markets.


Our PR strategy and solutions are firmly integrated with your broader marketing and brand strategy with a focus on aligned messages and clear positioning.


International and local experience with boutique and big brands balanced with excellent media relationships across corporate, consumer, trade and entertainment verticals ensure a practical approach towards ensuring brand and client visibility. 

Public Relations services include:

  • Communications strategy and planning

  • Key message development workshops

  • Media training workshops

  • Press kit development

  • Press release dissemination

  • Storyboarding and story themes

  • Content creation and management

  • Media monitoring & reporting

  • Celebrity guest lists for events & brand engagements

  • Networking meetings, government, media and entertainment

  • Crises media management


No communications campaign is complete without the impact of efficient and engaging social media. Day to day content creation, visual strategy and the management of engagement on social profiles, could be daunting for most companies and marketing teams.


Criesse provides a brand-centric approach to social media, creation of well-targeted social media content, with an understanding of design, photography and use of video and animations.


Our greatest strength is that we dovetail our social media efforts with the public relations campaign; giving clients a single window for both social media and public relations.  

Social Media services include:

  • Social media strategy and planning

  • Creating a monthly framework for content

  • Instagram and Facebook based photography

  • Design and animations as required

  • Creation of social videos

  • Management of media buying online

  • Targeted boosts driving engagement

  • Detailed reporting and analysis


Earned media comes in many forms and there is more to influence than “influencers”, although they have come to dominate the conversation in the past few years.

Given the key role played by influencers, Criesse has developed not only a strong relationship with key personalities but developed a framework that links the inherent strengths of influencers to your brand pillars. 


From the online journalist, macro, micro or nano influencer to more broad celebrity influencers. Criesse has created well-focused campaigns with all. 

Influencer Marketing services include:

  • Identification and matching of influencers to requirements

  • Detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of each influencer

  • Invitation and pitching to create compelling influencer integrations and engagement

  • Jointly creating a storyline in conjunction with brand requirements 

  • Creating and curating experiences that invite the target audience to interact and use the brand and product


We understand the role reputation and image play in today’s marketplace and seek to enhance that to achieve business goals.


Our client list also includes a number of individuals from CEOs and Creative Directors to Bollywood and sports celebrities.

Criesse has been central in creating and managing the reputation for some key Bollywood celebrities, private company CEOs and businesses. 

Reputation Management services include:

  • Creating a reputation quotient

  • Strategy and positioning, with clear objectives

  • Creation of a thought leadership position

  • Individual and business reputation extensions

  • Consistent and repeated messaging

  • Photography and visual language

  • Use of video and intellectual prowess


Our brand strategy services take you deeper, to the essence of your corporate brand, what you stand for, your singular promise and what makes you unique in the current Indian marketplace. The approach is inside-out and based on a strong understanding of consumer trends in a variety of industries. Differentiation strategies and clear positioning are hallmarks of our offerings using our insight-strategy-expression framework. 

​Brand Strategy services include:

  • Strategic exploration

  • Corporate positioning

  • Communications alignment

  • Brand storytelling

  • Reputation management

  • Internal & external communications

  • Brand workshops

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